Спутниковый мониторинг окружающей среды, ДВО РАН Спутниковый мониторинг окружающей среды, ДВО РАН
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Supply and distribution of products

Supply and distribution of products

There are two kind of information in different archives of the Centre. It is row data and basic kinds of processed data for last month. Other kinds of processed data may be delivery by a request, witch can be done throw E-mail contact@iacp.dvo.ru or request forms of this site.

The current observed greay-scale pcx-files can be viewd  at  the ftp.

Two kind of  projection format are produced

- 1 byte  and  2 byte on pixel. Also the formats differ in structure of 0-block (the first 512 bytes - descriptor).

Digital data

graphical files

(PCX, GIF) for visualization


1 metadata of satellite reception:

text catalogs of the recepted information with some satellite image characteristics

observed Greay-scale PCX +

Time, date, scan parameters + dynamic changing of scale and brightness resolution, navigation net, land couture, and any quantity information of the image

Each satellite pass

2 Image in Mercator projection (IMP) of original resolution

for all channels of britness

1. Image in mercator project with geographical net (N) and land (C) contour (gray palette) basic data

2. IMP_NC+DOTC+ temperatore(T) (24 color palette), T step - 1° С and 48 color palette, T step 0.5° С

for each sea region selected

3 Composed temperature of 20х20 км square averaging

PCX/GIF T in isolines, T step - 1° или 0.5°

every ten days

4 DOTC averaged for 10 days

Composed DOTC chart

every 10 days

5 IMP_NC + flow current vectors

appropriate PCX/GIF file

by request

6 IMP_NC, + hydrological station locations and etc.

appropriate PCX/GIF file

by request

7 IMP_NC + different channels

appropriate PCX/GIF file

by request

8 eddies characteristics

appropriate table

by request

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При поддержке РФФИ, грант № 04-07-90350. Центр Спутникового Мониторинга ИАПУ ДВО РАН
Under support of RFBR, grant № 04-07-90350. Center of Satellite Monitoring IACP FEB RAS