Regional Satellite Monitoring of Environment 
Прием и обработка спутниковых снимков

Regional Satellite Monitoring of Environment


    Regional satellite monitoring of environment (RSM) is based on regular acquisition and real-time processing of digital multi-channel satellite information.

    • Approach to monitoring

      Main directions of the Satellite Centre operation:
      - ocean and atmosphere phenomenon research;
      - satellite information support of scientific researches and fishery;
      - natural disaster monitoring (typhoons, forest fires, etc.).

    • Operation of satellite and sensors

      The basic sources of high resolution information are NOAA and FY-1D polar orbiting satellites and geostationary FY-2C satellite for our region.

    • Supply and distribution of products

      There are three kinds of information we produce now:
      - look-up data (catalogue of satellite sessions; observation images in any graphical format; detailed observation images of infrared data);
      - basic production (calibrated single-channel Mercator projected images; momentary (single-session) sea surface temperature images; thermal sea surface structure charts (SSTS) statistical significant thermal contrast orientations);
      - thematic information processed for concrete users (temperature charts of different scales and time averaging; sea surface velocity estimations; composed SSTS charts; products of sea surface synoptic analyses; forest fires charts, typhoon parameter estimations).

      Data request of a user is realised with INTERNET facilities. E-mail, INTERNET, INTRANET and INMARSAT may be used for data delivery.

    • Arrangement of in situ data

      In situ data are used for verification of different charts created on the base of satellite information. Verification procedure is used for calibration of algorithms for satellite data processing.

    • Approach to research and development

      Main directions of Satellite Centre development are increasing of data sources and creation new algorithms for data processing.


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